Remoggle Word Maker

Are you writing a nonsense poem, late-night tweet, or doctoral thesis? At a loss for words? Then make some up! Remoggle is a bold experiment in the new field of Artificial Stupidity — it can make up millions of words that don’t really exist…yet!

Just ask Word Maker for a made-up word — there’s no charge! Then you’ll hear it pronounced and spelled, so there’s no mistakes on your status update, haiku, or graffito!

Get My Word Maker for Google Assistant

Note: Google discontinued Conversational Assistants in July 2023. Oh darn! We had a 4.76/5 rating!


Word Maker also Tweets a new word every hour, because who doesn’t need more nonsense on Twitter?

About Remoggle Word Maker

Remoggle Word Maker was created by Frank Sikernitsky to solve an age-old problem:

If you can never find the right word, why not just make one up? 

The Word Maker system uses sophisticated algorithms to build millions of word permutations from hundreds of root words.  It also double-checks the result against the 350,000+ real English words to ensure every word is truly made-up.

In other words, freshness is built-in!

Big shout out to Propelify, the people who do 5 cool things a day and that’s just before breakfast.

Coming Soon: Remoggle Resume Bot

Also coming soon is the Remoggle Resume Bot which is based on the newest Generative AI and trained with thousands of resumes. It takes your current resume and gives it a Complete Career Checkout:

  • Resume Strengths
  • Resume Weaknesses
  • Suggestions for Improvement
  • Best Potential Jobs for Your Profile
  • Best Jobs You May Not Have Thought Of
  • Different Careers You Could Have
  • An 8-week Plan for Jumpstarting your Search

    Remoggle considers your resume the story of your career and judges it based on what it says about you. You want the story to be the best it can.